A new stormwater management system will be constructed. It will resolve the flooding that currently takes place on parts of the golf course. This new stormwater system will also benefit neighbouring areas.

Millions of rand will be spent the new system, which will resolve the occasional flooding that takes place on parts of the private golf course during torrential rains and which affects the entire area negatively.

The development will increase public safety as a result of it being fully fenced and manned by 24-hour security.

Illegal dwellers on the site will also be lawfully relocated.

1 500 direct jobs (and many more once the development is completed) will be created at a time when KwaZulu-Natal’s unemployment rate is above 50%.

It will boost investor confidence in Durban, which has been undermined by service delivery failures.
Residents will also provide much needed business to surrounding establishments.


One of the major consequences of the large investments in the estate will be an increase in the value of neighbouring properties. The entire development and all involved are motivated to keep this part of Durban beautiful and add to its worth.


The estate will see investment in improved public infrastructure, including the upgrading and widening of surrounding roads. Planned upgrades to access roads and intersections, as well as the three separate strategically placed entrances to the new estate, will largely ease congestion in the area.